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Dogs at Work?

And the dog.

Monday afternoon I was on the phone with my husband when I heard his voice change, his tone soften as he said “Hey buddy. How are you today? Body you ok buddy?”

I  knew exactly where he was, and who he was with. He was at his desk, at work, and his office mate’s black lab puppy Body who had come in for a sniff.

Disclosure: We are dog people.

Our Christmas cards prominently feature our pooches.

I try to get my parents to refer to our dogs as their “granddogs.”

My yellow lab Gracie, spent the first month of our life together under my desk with a space heater.

I love the ideas of Dogs at work.


Gracie had to stop coming because she learned if she stood at my office door and whined, ever so slightly, my partner Dan would come in, rub her belly and give her tons of pets. This meant that within a month, she had left the quiet warmth of my desk, for the door – hoping to play at all hours.

Not a great idea so Gracie had to stay home.

We have had another dog in our building, who occasionally sneaks away and makes a mess in the office. On one hilarious day, I recall discussing a case (we are a law firm) with my partner realizing I was standing in his office, in a pile of dog, stuff. Hilarious now, but not at the time.

So what about it? Are dogs welcome at work? If so, what type of environments lend themselves to pooch pals as office mates?

There are days where I worry that our office dog is not appropriate. What about clients who are experiencing stress, and perhaps are afraid? Or those with allergies?

Or those who are paying you $$$$ an hour and think you should leave your stinkin dog at home where she belongs.

I am curious what others think. I think there is time and place for our four legged friends at work. But maybe not every day. Or every office.

Although, I sure think the days where it is appropriate, are the best ones.


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