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Drive Hydrated with BottlePro

Picture this. You’re driving along with your large water bottle by your side, but it doesn’t fit in your cup holder so you put it on the seat next to you. Most times it shifts side to side, reacting to the twists and turns of the road. Suddenly the light in front of you turns yellow and you slam on your brakes, only to see your bottle fly off the seat and smack against the glove compartment. You spend the time at the light trying to reach your water bottle, but it’s out of reach. Oh well…who needs water anyways?

For many owners of Hydro Flasks, Nalgenes, Klean Kanteens, and other large bottles, it’s not difficult to picture this scenario because they live it almost every day.  It’s not only inconvenient, but it’s also a safety risk when bottles go flying.

A new product is making it easier to drive hydrated. BottlePro is a cup holder adapter designed specifically for large water bottles, such as 32oz Nalgenes and 40oz Hydro Flasks, and it’s taking the outdoor industry by storm.  With more people using large water bottles than ever before, it’s about time there was a cup holder adapter to help make things more convenient while driving.

Each BottlePro comes with an adjustable base design that allows it to work with the majority of vehicles out there.  But with thousands of cup holder designs, BottlePro certainly won’t work with every single vehicle.  The company openly states that, but they back up their product with a rock-solid return policy.  If BottlePro doesn’t work out for any reason whatsoever, the company will issue a full refund and even pay for return shipping.

So if you own one of these larger water bottles and wish it were easier to keep it close by while driving, this product may be what you’ve been waiting for.  Detailed specifications are available on their website.  Check it out!


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