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Finding Flow Premiere

Locally Produced Mountain Bike Film

Are you a mountain biker with no plans this Thursday evening?

You need to come and check out the Asheville premiere for the recently released, locally produced bike movie, Finding Flow!  I’ve been excited to finally see this video for a number of reasons, the first of which being that my brother is a featured rider in there.  Nick has his own section in which he explores some of the best trails in the region on his long-travel downhill whip.  He’s a super smooth and stylish rider, and I always enjoy watching him shred.

Aside from Nick’s involvement, this is sure to be an incredible film because it represents a holistic showcasing of the sport of mountain biking, featuring various different genres of the sport, and set in some of the most beautiful settings of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It was created on a shoestring budget by a couple of college kids with unlimited passion, and that is sure to come through in the video.

If you’ve never heard of Sam Anderson, Chris Annesi, Nick Gragtmans, and the other characters that are behind this project, check out this web piece that they created of Sam’s backyard trails.  It is a beautiful edit and was part of what motivated them to tackle the full-length film:

Manderson’s Playground from Chris Annesi on Vimeo.

These trails were hand built by Sam, and represent thousands of hours of work.  Having ridden them, I can honestly say that they are some of the best on the East Coast!  This commitment and honest love of the sport is an awesome thing to see, and there’s no doubt in my mind that these guys will continue to progress their videography and riding skills to a level that will generate attention from the entire biking industry.

As far as the newest project, Finding Flow goes, here is the official trailer (25,000+ views!)

Finding Flow Trailer from Chris Annesi on Vimeo.

So have I sold you?  Everything is kicking off at the Brew and View at 9:30 on Thursday evening.  Ninja Porters will be flowing, and the women will flock like the salmon of Capistrano!

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