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Healthy Tip #24378: Hunker Down

hunker down

This week’s healthy tip is to weather the storm, pour yourself something warm, huddle up and hunker down. It’s Alive! Franken-storm Sandy is blowing throughout the East Coast and after you’ve battened down the hatches it’s a good time to stoke the fireplace and grab a warm blanket. Now is a good time to enjoy a snow day.

It isn’t hard to admit that I miss the days of the true snow day. Of the normal days that turn exciting. When you wake up in dissaray to the new weather outside. It can be daunting at first, thoughts of frosted windshields and chattering teeth. But it’s not until I’m shoulder-deep in a large blanket huddled together on comfortable couch, do I realize the pleasant environment this ugly weather can provide.

Once you get those basic amenities covered (adequate shelter, food, income, hot cocoa, wool socks, etc.) it is time to make like the forest mice and ride out the weather lodged deeply into a comfortable bundle. Grab a book, grab the monopoly board, and kick your feet up. With the weather dangerously cold and windy, take the time to explore, explore inward and stretch your imagination. Have a conversation, write down your thoughts, and make the hunkered down day mean something more then sniffeling noses and quiet cold grumbles.

Stay safe, keep warm, and always explore,



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