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Healthy Tip#35415: Get Lost


Photo courtesy of staff at Wilderness Adventure

This week’s healthy tip is to get in over your knees, head out into this big world, and get lost a bit. No need to get your arm trapped in a boulder or reenact the Donner Party, but go out and lose your bearings, use your moral compass, and lose yourself beyond the ordinary boundaries of everyday life.

Getting lost can be the only way to find anything new. Whether it be the opposite turn at a fork in the trail, or a new outlet for your imagination; getting lost in new directions allows you to grow, to know, and unless you’re a prepubescent teenager about to enter high school, it’s best to take those opportunities when you can.

Not knowing where you are makes you remember where you came from. Unfamiliar territory highlights things you never knew, things you took for granted, and lets you appreciate the things that distance separates. It’s a big wide-world out there and the only thing standing between you and your dreams is the journey, so lost or not, it’s a good time to get moving.

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Photo courtesy of staff at Wilderness Adventure
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