Photo Courtesy of KantoorKaravaan

We all know office-based jobs can be mundane at times, but what if you could pack up your laptop and work from the woods when the creative juices stop flowing?

It appears that some forward-thinking folks in the Netherlands are doing just that with a project called KantoorKaravaan.

“KantoorKaravaan offers a workplace in the middle of nature, an experience combining your professional life with the exciting and inspirational sphere of wilderness,” the company’s website proclaims. “Designed as a mobile off-grid workplace, the KantoorKaravaan sets up camp at various locations in the countryside.”

The caravan includes mobile “off-the-grid” work places (trailers essentially) that come fully equipped with WiFi and solar powered espresso machines.

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Photo Courtesy of KantoorKaravaan

“The inspiration to create this comes from a longing to be more deeply connected to nature,” KantoorKaravaan founder Tom van de Beek told FastCompany Magazine. “These times of technological innovation and wireless connectivity provide us with the ultimate combination: getting back to nature and self sufficiency in terms of food and energy, and still be able to do our day to day business.”

The KantoorKaravaan, which can accommodate up to 35 people and provides city dwellers with vehicle transpiration from nearby public transit points, is currently camped outside of Amsterdam with plans to head for nearby national parks in the Netherlands.

But its not just about ‘working in the woods’ at KantoorKaravaan.

“You get tired of working behind the computer? Just step out into the wilderness, go hiking, plant a
tree, chop wood for tonight’s campfire, or take part at our regular meditation sessions,” the website says. “There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nature around you to its fullest extent.”

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No word yet on whether KantoorKaravaan has immediate plans for expansion into the Blue Ridge, but we can dream right?