In the August issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors we profiled Karl Meltzer, one of the greatest endurance athletes around today, and wrote about his plans to break the Appalachian Trail speed record.

Now Meltzer is well into his journey and is on the brink of bringing down a record set just over a year ago by by ultra running legend Scott Jurek.

According to sources in Meltzer’s aid crew, he’s about to enter Georgia well ahead of the record pace required to bring down Jurek’s record. image_proxy_largeLike Jurek, Meltzer, 48, is being supported by a traveling crew of trusted helpers, making his record-setting attempt what’s known as a supported thru-hike.

He started where Jurek finished, in Maine’s Baxter State, where the Appalachian Trail’s northern terminus is perched atop the knife edge known as Mount Khatadin.

That was August 3rd. Since then Meltzer, also known as the Speedgoat, has been traveling at a steady clip, even averaging an astonishing 40 miles per day during his first week on the trail. image_proxy_largeAccording to reports, he has maintained his record-setting pace despite losing contact with his crew at the beginning of week three. If it weren’t for the help of a stranger in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, who provided Melzter with a some much-needed trail magic in the form of a blanket, jacket, and a floor to crash on, his attempt have been derailed altogether.image_proxy_largeStay tuned to for more updates.