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Let’s Go: Road Trip Gear

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to hit the road in search of that perfect adventure. Here’s the gear to make the trip easier and more fun.


Quikr Stuff

Mach 2 

This modular bike rack makes it simple to load up your ride—especially if you are hauling heavier e-bikes. You can add up to three trays onto the base rack and, best of all, the tray can pull out and be used as a ramp for quick loading of big bikes. $679;



ComFortress 8-person

This 116-square-foot house of a tent features two rooms with a divider, offering plenty of separation between parents and kids (or just allowing for some privacy in bigger groups). Simple to set up despite its sprawling interior, its sturdy 150-denier floor can handle lots of stomping and will keep out the elements. Plus, the 51-square-foot vestibule is as big as many family tents on its own and provides plenty of space to play games when the weather gets bad. $499 (with aluminum poles);


Top Tree Herbs

Green Bali Kratom Tea

Need a little something to help you both relax and pep up, but want to avoid caffeine and alcohol? Say hello to kratom, an herb extracted from a Southeast Asian evergreen, that can help you relax (though it has not been FDA tested and approved). Lab-tested and mixed with green tea here, it makes for the perfect beverage when you pull into camp after a long day behind the wheel. $19;


Big Agnes

Diamond Park 15°

This big, cushy down sleeping bag is just what you want to snuggle into when you roll into road-trip camp. With plenty of room for tossers and turners, it accommodates both 25- and 30-inch-wide Big Agnes pads and will help ensure you are well rested when you wake up and get back on the road the next morning. $400;



Roamer Double Self-inflating Mattress

Make your tent a proper bedroom with this plush mattress for two that makes snuggling in sleeping bags and sharing the space feel natural. It’s a snap to inflate and features soft stretch fabric on the top and tough 75-denier fabric on the bottom. $400;



Phil A

Every epic road trip deserves a shirt that looks the part—and can withstand the abuse of wearing it day after day. Made of 100% cotton, this classic will keep you looking and feeling cool behind the wheel. $80; 



Brinco Short 

A failsafe pair of summer shorts that can deal with all conditions is mandatory when you head out into the great unknown. Made from 96% recycled nylon with a bit of Spandex for stretch, these versatile shorts are just the ticket for stops to hike, boulder, or hop in a swimming hole—and they’re comfy in the car. $65;



20-pound Tank Case/Seat

That propane tank is a pain to stuff in with all your other gear. Pack it up in this nifty soft case so it doesn’t damage the stuff in the back of your vehicle. Oh, and it’s designed to be a seat when you are in camp. $75;



Alder Lake Tote

This catch-all mesh beach bag will be a godsend on a big trip, whether you pack it up with bathing suits and towels or snacks and other essentials you need nearby. The mesh dries in a hurry and doesn’t hold sand. $55;




If you plan on living on the road, even for a short time, you may still need to plug in laptops or gear in camp or at a rest stop. Providing 1086Wh, the 35-pound unit offers up three AC plugs, USB-A and -C outlets and a display to track your charge time. $999;




Foldable kayak brand Oru, brought the same ingenuity behind its origami-style boats to a 

new line of camp furniture it just launched on Kickstarter. The simple-but-sturdy chair folds up flat so it doesn’t take up a ton of space in your trunk, then transforms into the perfect camp or rest stop seat. $189;


Snow Peak 

Entry Pack TT

Light and airy, this car camping tent includes a sprawling vestibule tarp that makes it easy to chill in camp during times of rainfall or bright sun. The four-person tent is a snap to set up thanks to a color-coded system and tent and tarp can be used separately depending on your needs. $600;



Rambler 26 oz

Always be hydrating: Follow this basic rule and your road excursions will all go smoothly (with a few bathroom breaks). Nigh-invulnerable, this double-wall vacuum-insulated water bottle can handle hot or cold drinks and be the one piece of gear you are most thankful to have out there on the highways. $40;



Yakima SkyRise HD Medium

We’re big fans of Yakima’s tent for the top of your car, since you don’t have to always be beholden to campground reservations when you are out on the road. Just pull over in a legal spot or dispersed camping area and you are all set. Bomber 600-denier fabric and heavy waterproofing keep out the weather, and inside, a built-in sleeping pad makes it cozier to sleep on your car roof than on the ground. Plus, it’s intuitive and quick to set up. $1,999;



Ignite Plus Camp Stove

Roadside cuisine is certainly an art improved by the right cooking system. Packing down light and compact with two 10,000 BTU burners, this camp stove is most likely better than the stove in your last Airbnb. The push button igniter is safe and ideal for kids, and the stove actually cooks at a simmer when you need it. $160;


Katherine Homes


The designs on artist Katherine Homes’ trucker hats give you some flair and protect you from sun and glare behind the wheel. We are partial to the jackrabbit and wolf models, which celebrate two very different icons of North American wildlife. $34–$39;

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