Go OutsideLocals Only: Coming to a town near you

Locals Only: Coming to a town near you

The road warriors of Native Eyewear’s Locals Only Project have been stopping by idyllic mountain towns across the country in search of their next perfect town. On their short list of best mountain towns are Charlottesville, Va., Asheville, N.C., and Boone, N.C. These Southern towns face tough competition from classic destinations like Moab, Utah and Bend, Oregon. Hopefully the outdoor communities in Virginia and North Carolina can rise to the challenge when the Locals Only Tour rolls through their towns in the coming weeks. The tour is tentatively slated to pass through Asheville on March 29-30, Boone on March 31, and Charlottesville from April 1-3.

In the meantime, another town has joined the competition. Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom wasn’t on their original list of destinations, but locals reached out to Native Eyewear and let them know that it should have been. Now, the Native crew along with Native athlete Jeff Lenosky are heading to the area on March 28 to check it out.


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