Memorable Moments

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The faces behind the scenes of the magazine offer up their most memorable moments from their time with B.R.O.,


IT Director

Probably some of the “Big Ideas” I was tasked with over the years when our associate publisher was in his Zuckerburg phase: Trailbase. Myecologic. Basecamp. All were colossal failures in terms of return on investment, but those failures have led to innovation in other projects. There’s also that time I sent out 20,000+ blank emails to our subscriber list when setting up new e-news software. Our publisher thought that was “hilarious”. He did not think it was hilarious.



The festivals that we have attended as an office. Over the years, I think we have been to almost every festival in the Southeast. Some of the most memorable weekends have been at Trail Days, The Festy, Floyd Fest, and Bonnaroo.


Editor in Chief

Paddling the New with the BRO crew. A slippery photo shoot at Turtleback Falls with Elvis and a water snake. Naked snow angels. A phone call from the FBI. Working with our freelancers— who pour their hearts into every story and photo.


Business Manager

There’s not one shining moment but a collage of memories. When I think of BRO, I think of remarkably talented people who still fuel the fires of their inner children.


Account Executive

Our BRO 24 Hours of Pisgah team. Dancing across the finish line and tye-dyeing t-shirts at the Reggae 5K. Staying up all night and cheering folks on at the Run For Africa Trail Relay.


Senior Designer

Freezing my buns off in a not-quite- warm-enough Virginia swimming hole for the August 2012 cover shoot.


Account Executive

There aren’t many offices that end a day of company meetings with a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity.


Circulation Manager

The Festy was pretty awesome. I could hear all the sets from the BRO tent. The phrase, “working hard or hardly working” crossed my mind more than a couple times.


Art Director

That time we had a successful, glitch-free video conference call with the entire staff.


Account Executive

Any BRO party or event I have ever been involved with that has taken place at Mono Loco in Charlottesville. I always hear that I have a fantastic time.


Account Executive

I love reading about Jess’s adventures on the road and watching her videos from Live Outside and Play. As a single working mom, it’s a vicarious thrill.



One of the first Live Outside and Play meet-ups was in Southern WV. We joined a group of about 10 eager hikers of all ages and spent a day on the trail above the New River Gorge. It was so wonderful to meet readers from around the region who were excited to hike somewhere new, and to meet one of our writers.


Senior Editor

One of my first assignments was a lengthy feature called Ferris’ Week Off. For seven straight days, I traveled to different spots around the region, pursuing a different adventure (including hang gliding!). It was an unforgettable introduction to the amazing outdoor opportunities in the Blue Ridge.


Travel Editor

Putting a coyote statue under Blake’s desk and watching his surprise unfold live as we streamed it from a hidden GoPro…ahh, office pranks.


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