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I am a huge fan of New Years celebrations. Not the kind that involve make-up, short dresses, bubbly liquids and loud music. But the kind that involve self reflection, quiet time, goal setting and peace. And this year, I had the most marvelous NYE .

On New Years Eve, my husband and I and our dogs, spent the evening by a campfire. Listening as oak logs cracked and hissed in the winter air. We saw Orion in all of his Winter glory, and watched a quarter moon move across the clear sky. We sat, listened, said very little. No cell phones. No tv. No texts or facetime to bring in the new year. No screams of delight when the new year arrived. But for the occasional wag of affirmation from Gracie or Atticus, no outward expressions of delight were made at all.

But here I am, 3 days later, at my desk, where buzzing and ringing sounds are everywhere – reminding me of work, email, calls, etc. that must be done, returned, answered, now, yesterday… I am so grateful for the silence that brought in 2012. Lets just hope, no, lets agree together, to make more time for star gazing and fire sitting than we did in 2011. Lets resolve to take time to be still, sit, listen, to enjoy winter nights and allow cold air to seep into our lungs.  

There will always be time for work. For getting things done and to do lists. But you have to make time for peace, silence, stillness. It is no longer easy to find these things in our daily lives and so we must be purposeful about it.

Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you great PEACE and JOY and some moments of stillness in 2012.


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