Go OutsideRain, Rain, Go Away: How to Motivate in Bad Weather

Rain, Rain, Go Away: How to Motivate in Bad Weather

Dear River Mama,

The rain makes me feel like curling up with a steamy latte and a good book.  My weekend plans to ride my road bike got rained out. Now it’s Monday and I feel as if I haven’t had a weekend. Any advice on how to shake this dreary feeling and motivate to get outside?

Looking for the Silver Lining

Dear Looking for the Silver Lining,

That’s a bummer that you weren’t able to ride this weekend, Looking. The rain can be a real motivation challenge for sure, just ask the coffee-crazed folks who live in the Northwest.

Looking, sometimes we get a little too rooted in our expectations. When we’re rigid, we let things like the weather get in the way of leading our best lives.

My eighteen month old son points to the door and says, “Out, out.” He doesn’t mind if it’s raining or snowing, he intuitively knows that spending time outdoors almost always makes him feel happier.

Looking, invest in a quality rain coat. Buy one in the brightest color you can imagine so that just putting it on makes you smile. And let that raincoat transform you into a rain lover. Go find the biggest waterfalls and splash in the deepest puddles. Better yet, learn to kayak. You’ll never look at rain as a bad thing again. And along the way, you’ll see plenty of rainbows!

Mountain Mama

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