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Take a Hike


Photo courtesy of Staff at Wilderness Adventure

Healthy Tip# 65524: Take a Hike

Get out of here, scram, and take a hike! Follow this week’s healthy tip and lose yourself to the trail, to the afternoon sun, and to the wonder of wanderlust.

This one should be easy, simply get outside and start walking. The best way to clear your mind of unsettling doubt, to relieve those stuck in front of a computer blues, and to freshen things up a bit is to take a hike. Each footstep that falls leaves behind the things that weight us down. The time of the year is just right for a heavy sweater and a long walk. Bring a friend, bribe the neighbor’s dog with treats, or simply go by yourself. Getting out and walking away will add up the miles under your feet and the years to your life.

Sometimes the thought of a nice walk, a hilly incline, or a pleasant stroll can induce our premature yawning reflex, but have no fear, as soon as you turn the corner, your energy will reappear. Leave the cell-phone behind, forget the keys, and make sure your shoes are tied tight. The road ahead is a long as you’d like and the adventure lies with the user, so go out and live a little, go take a hike.

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