It’s important in the world of adventure sports to stay flexible. I’m not talking about downward dog and tight hamstrings (although, yeah, that’s important too), I’m talking about being easy going. Having the ability to “roll with it.” Bad weather comes in? Shift your plans. Backcountry route not working out the way you’d hoped? Move on to Plan B. Crappy winter? Keep mountain biking. Stay flexible, and you’ll stay happy, and you’ll probably stay safe.

And so when my merry band of adventure brothers was faced recently with an insurmountable road block, we didn’t get obstinate. We got flexible. A bunch of us have a standing “date,” where we get together to ski and drink whiskey every Wednesday. We call it Whiskey Wednesday. It’s important. So important, that we try to carry it on into spring mountain biking season. Instead of skis, we have fat tires. But the whiskey remains. That’s the important thing.

But this spring, a couple of us have parenting obligations on Wednesday nights. It’s a scheduling oversight that can’t be rectified. Specifically, I’m coaching pee-wee soccer, which apparently, takes precedent over drinking whiskey with my friends in the woods.

So we did the only thing a bunch of grown men could possibly do in this situation. First, we bitched about it in a string of texts that used a lot of ALL CAPS to express our frustration with the cruelty of the universe. “Who the hell schedules soccer practice for Wednesday!” Then we remembered the golden rule of staying flexible and created Tequila Tuesday. Same concept, different night, different liquor. The important thing is we’re getting together to drink booze and do sporty things in the woods. The specific night of the week doesn’t matter. It’s the fellowship that matters. Also alliteration. Alliteration is important.

So cheers to Tequila Tuesday.