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The Bicycle Song – Uncle Andy

G                         C

I was goin’ down the hill doin’ ninety miles an hour

G                   D

When the chain on my bicycle broke

G                       C

I was scratched all over by the rocks and the gravel

G            D             D

I was punctured to death by the spokes

G                                      C

I ain’t kiddin’. I ain’t a-lyin’. I was layin’ there a-dyin’

G                               D

With the handlebars a-stickin’ down my throat!

G                             C

I had the front wheel for a necktie, the back wheel for a collar

G           D            G

I was wearin’ the fender for a belt

G                                 C

You can talk about your accidents in your hot-rod Fords and airplanes,

G                             D

But the accident I had will take the cake.

G                              C

I was layin’ in the grass with the sprocket in my (pause) pocket.

G              D               G    C  G  D  G

I was never goin’ to ride that bike again.

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