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Tom Tom City Art Bus Competition Video

BRO’s very own team member Craig Snodgrass won Tom Tom Festival’s City Art Competition.

The Tom Tom Festival and JAUNT announced in March that Craig Snodgrass’s “Scenic Snodbots” is this year’s winning JAUNT Bus design for the fifth annual City Art Bus competition.

Craig Snodgrass has served as web director of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine for over a decade. Outside of the office, he’s either spending time with his family or designing and illustrating “Snodbots.”

“I hope when people see my design roll by, their daily [routine] will be momentarily broken with mild amusement and maybe, just maybe, a little seed will be planted in their imagination that will grow into a story they tell themselves about these robots to get them through to the next part of their day.”

Craig Snodgrass

What is a Snodbot?

Answer: (n) A robot birthed from the creative, imaginative mind of Craig Snodgrass.

Tom Tom Summit and Festival is made possible by the Tom Tom Foundation, a nonprofit organization that celebrates entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and creators who are shaping cities and communities across the nation.

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