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Top 5 Outdoor Activities for Beginners

Top 5 Outdoor Sports for Beginners and Amateurs

Outdoor sports for beginners and amateurs include some of the activities we did engage in while growing up. They are easy to do, not much training is required, and the sporting gear isn’t costly – you can get it in your local store or online.

Are you considering participating in an outdoor sport but don’t have an idea which one? Well, you’re in the right place. We took the liberty of identifying the top 5 outdoor ideal sports for beginners and amateurs. These outdoor activities are easy to do and will not require much regarding sporting gear except for the basics which we have highlighted.

Race Walking, Sports for Amateurs

Race walking sports for beginners is an excellent outdoor activity. It’s different from running, as race walking demands that one foot is in contact with the ground at all times. It doesn’t require much with regards to training and sporting gear. You can train for free. Several online platforms offer free training regimen which you can comfortably adapt while in your home. The other advantage of race walking is that you won’t have to invest a lot in the sporting gear. All you require is an excellent pair of walking or running shoes and moisture-wicking clothing. You’ll need quality walking shoes that fit well and can sustain long walking distances. The attire needs to be moisture wicking to keep your body cool at all times. If you’re working with a limited budget, you’ll be just fine.


Like race walking, swimming will not require much investing in sporting gear. You’ll need to have access to a pool. There are several options to choose from, you can;

  • Visit the city pool
  • Gym pool
  • Be living in a condo with a pool

Whatever your options, access to a pool will not be costly. Training will be provided as needed, and it’s not expensive. You’ll require other sporting gear such as a bathing suit, swim cap, and goggles. Other items are usually available at the pool such as flutter boards.


Learning how to cycle is like a rite of passage for most kids. By the age of 6 or 7, a lot of us already knew how to cycle. Although at some point, as we grow older, we rarely cycle as we once did; it’s one of those skills that’s hard to forget. You’ll not require much training, and if you do, it will be free. Sporting gear will be slightly costly, with majority of the investment going towards buying a bike. You’ll also require a helmet – often comes with the bike, moisture-wicking top, and cycling shorts.

Trail Running Sports for Beginners

Although trail running can be complex sports for beginners, there are ways to make it work for them. Since it’s your first time, you can start on flat grounds, not on technical terrains like mountains. In simple terms, begin by jogging on your local trails. It could be a jog through the local park or around the neighborhood. Training is free as you can do so outside at no fee. The sporting gear is also not costly. You’ll need a pair of comfortable running shoes, moisture-wicking attire, and a cap if necessary.

You can opt for a triathlon activity. Combine the race walking, swimming, cycling and running, and you’re good to go!


Climbing is one of those activities that will challenge the brain while at the same time offer training for the whole body. Considering that all the sporting goods will be available in your local climbing store, you can opt to rent since it’s cheaper. The essential sporting gear will be climbing shoes that fit just perfect.


These outdoor activities are simple and easy to do. They don’t require much training with much of the investment going to sporting gear which you can find in your local outdoor gear store. Ever tried any of these outdoor sports for amateurs? Let us know which ones worked for you.

About the author: Catherine Wiley has found herself as a freelance writer. Her expertise is writing about outdoor sports and best gear reviews at
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