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Outdoor Lover’s Gift Guide

Choosing just the right gift for the adventurers in your life can be a daunting prospect—there’s just so much out there. We make it easier with our recommendations for cool and cozy stuff that will brighten the winter—and beyond.

CEP Compression

Ski Merino Socks

Oh, socks. The dreaded holiday gift. But, hey, socks can be just what you want. These merino wool compression socks do more than just keep your feet toasty in an unwieldy ski boot, they provide just enough compression to revitalize your legs and feet when you ski (or sit on a long plane ride). The gentle squeezing of the sock actually keeps your feet warmer since it improves circulation and it helps mitigate blisters. $55;


San Juan Overalls

Playful and cozy, these corduroy overalls are a peach of a gift for outdoor lovers who like to keep that fun, active vibe humming no matter where they wander. Available in a wide range of sizes and made from cotton with just enough spandex to stretch when you move in them, they will please the free spirit in your life.

Oboz x Skida

Whakatā Puffy Mid Insulated Moc

Montana-based shoe brand Oboz partnered with Vermont-based apparel brand Skida to craft these plush kicks that will help you winter through the cold season and look the mountain-town part from brew pub to hut to home. The moc features a solid outsole that can pound the pavement and recycled insulation in the upper to ward off the cold. $115;



Need to hear that earworm when you hit the trail? Forget using your ear holes and opt for bone-sound technology. Indeed, the sound transmission in these sport-ready headphones works by sending vibrations to your inner ear via your cheekbones—bypassing the eardrum entirely. What? Yes. And not only do they sound crisp and clear; they also stay on your head better and don’t require annoying in-ear adjustments when you are on the move.


Skin Liner 2.0

You can’t go wrong when you gift gloves. These liners keep your digits active and happy in bitter chills—and look stylish to boot. They make great liners under ski gloves but really shine on their own out in the woods on a winter hike. $45;


Sarner 2L Wool Jacket 

Warmth is always a winner when it comes to holiday gifts. And this wool jacket not only delivers on that front—it also provides plenty of active outdoor performance. Not your typical wool, the dense hybrid construction here means the jacket can serve as a shell on windy days without taking up a ton of bulk and sweating you out. $350;

Krimson Klover

Lana Alpaca Blend Sweater

Here’s one that will make her light up. Woven from alpaca wool from Peru, this show-stopper of a sweater screams both classy outdoorsy and sophisticated cool. And it keeps you warm—alpaca wool is an all natural insulator proven in the high wilds of the Andes. (It works in the Blue Ridge too.) $299;


Flex Canvas Pants

Want to get him a pair of pants that can take on any occasion? Classy enough for travel to Europe yet comfy and durable enough for a spontaneous Appalachian hike, these canvas wonders are the kind of thing every active guy wants. The only problem is you will have to make sure he doesn’t wear them every day. $115;

Alpine Parrot

Bristlecone Flannel

Sizing in outdoor apparel has been a problem for far too long. Don’t fear. Alpine Parrot is committed to changing that paradigm with larger sizes (as well as a focus on ethnic diversity) that encourage more people to feel comfortable outdoors. And this polyester adventure shirt, which is sewn in a fair trade facility in Honduras, can handle hikes, camping, stories around the fire, and travel. $89;



When November rolls around, Virginia’s Alewerks Brewery offers up this seasonal milk stout that it crafts with locally roasted Guatemala coffee. The result is a brew that warms up those long winter nights and makes for happy cervezaphiles when they find a six pack under the tree. $15;


New Standard Moka Pot

Visit any Italian house and you are sure to see a Moka pot on the stove. This proven method of brewing up the perfect cup of coffee is something any bean purist, or casual java hound, is sure to appreciate. Miir’s stainless steel beauty of a take on the pot is perfect for camping or lazy Sundays at home. $60;

Twin Creeks Distillery

Peg Hatcher’s Straight Whiskey

When in doubt give them whiskey (especially if they want to share). Named for the Twin Creeks family patriarch who was an infamous Virginia moonshiner, this brown liquor will wow even the pickiest of spirit snobs. Made from local rye and corn and aged two years, this sipper goes down even better around a campfire. $45;

Ya Oaxaca


Spicy chocolate is an ideal way to warm up your spirits in the cold season. Created by Chef Susana Trilling, these ready-to go mole sauces bottle up the flavors of Mexican cuisine and go perfectly with anything from chicken to tofu. Sure, you can enjoy them as a quick meal on a busy weeknight but we like them best when they provide a restaurant-quality dinner in camp. $7 each;


Expeditionist Boot

With a perfect fit straight out of the box and the power to keep out slush, snow, and cold, these boots are destined to become your day-to-day footwear all winter long. Boosted with waterproof leather and heat reflective technology in the upper and boasting a sole with plenty of grip, they excel in winter streets but really prove their worth on a sloppy trail or dirt road. $160;


Jade 43

Who doesn’t need a new pack? This smart woman’s hauler fills a niche in the backpacking quiver with enough room for a fast-and-light overnight or the room to carry lots of intensive gear for a big day hike in the cold or to the crag. The move-with-your-torso suspension and hip-belt system make even heavy loads feel balanced and Gregory has put a focus on sustainable materials here, incorporating recycled polyester and nylon in the pack materials. $200;

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