Go OutsideTrauma Tuesday Video: Bike vs Moto-bike

Trauma Tuesday Video: Bike vs Moto-bike

This is footage from Mulholland Highway outside Los Angeles is pretty horrific, but luckily both cyclists escaped with only minor injuries according to the YouTube description. The description also states the motorcyclist “hit his foot and stood the bike up causing the bike to go wide,” although that is hard to tell in the video; it looks like he smoothly comes out of the turn and plows into the cyclists without even noticing them. As the Adventure-Journal pointed out, when the clip was posted to Deadspin, the comment section blew up with people saying ugly things about cyclists in the vein of “hooray, hit them all. Bonus points.” and the like. Those comments are disgusting, as both these cyclists could have been seriously injured or killed by this negligence, but also serves as an example of how great the divide is between respect for road cyclists and those who would rather see them run over by a motorcycle or car than share the road just a little bit.

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