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Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing

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Established in 1990 by the Colonel Gene Nervo, Wilderness Adventure @ Eagle Landing is a year-round outdoor retreat center and summer camp located just outside Roanoke in New Castle, VA. Over the last 20-odd years, the 450 acres of the Wilderness Adventure property has been transformed from a single shack to include 3 spacious cabins (including the lodge), numerous low and high element team-building courses, and dozens of low-impact campsites. Throw in a world famous 900ft. zipline and Wilderness Adventure is the best place to host your next outdoor retreat, to send your kids to summer camp, and to kick those feet up and enjoy the great outdoors.

Wilderness Adventure is a business built off the seasons, built off the experiences to be had outdoors, and is a business built from the ground up. During every season that is not the summer, W.A. specializes in hosting large groups with hospitality, professionally led adventure trips, and maintained scenic atmospheres. Whether it is an entire 9th grade class, corporate outings, bachelor parties, LARP groups, (the list goes on), or a handful of weddings, Wilderness Adventure has hosted a variety of groups and tailored their visits per specific requests. With a friendly staff, excellent dining options, and endless adventures to be had, Wilderness Adventure is the next place to bring your students, your employees, and your friends for a visit.

Wilderness Adventure was originally built on the Summer Backpacking Program, and although its focus now goes towards group facilitation on the off-season, backpacking is still what they do best.

The Summer Youth Program gets kids off the couch, unplugged from the X-Box, and opens the door for a life-time of natural world appreciation. All summer long W.A. sends kids (ages 9-17) for 1 – 2 week backpacking trips throughout the Jefferson National Forest. The campers and the two co-ed leaders live out of their backpacks, set up and break down a new campsite each day, and meet up with trained instructors to partake in every adventure the Blue Ridge Mountains has to offer: mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, team building, bear wrestling (just kidding), cooking on camp stoves, hiking, white-water kayaking, daily showering (also kidding), and spending a lot of time outdoors, breathing fresh air, and playing. Truly an experience most children do not forget, and as they grow up, so does their appreciation for the outdoors.

Wilderness Adventure offers a lot, a lot more than cam be covered in this post, so why not check out their website for more information: Let the staff at W.A. help you figure out your next outdoor escapade.

For updates, funny pictures, and customer feedback, check out and like the facebook page!

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