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Review: Adidas Terrex Fast R Trail Shoe

Adidas Terrex Fast R

The Adidas Terrex Fast R Gore-Tex Shoe

When I’m on foot on the trail I prefer a light, low top hiking shoe that performs more like a bomber running shoe than anything else. This is kind of my footwear philosophy in general. I am hesitant to wear anything but sneakers outside of the house, lest something unforeseen happen and I need to break into a sprint at any given moment. This may seem paranoid, but it has saved me on more than one occasion. Flip flops just won’t cut it when you have to escape a summer bonfire blast radius when some joey tosses a full, capped beer bottle in the blaze. Slip on mocs are not going to hold up when you have to chase down the guy who just put six Jaeger Bombs on your bar tab. Trust me, sneakers are the way to go.

As an avid outdoors person, I’ve never really understood the giant, bulky hiking boot. Sure, it may give you stability and support, but is it really necessary to have footwear that makes NASA jealous? To have enough ankle support to withstand a Kathy Bates Misery-style sledgehammer attack?

Maybe for some people, but not for this guy. I don’t need anything holding me back in the woods, where the ability to flee at high speed can mean the difference between being safe and being eaten by a bear – or at least stung by a bee. Bee stings are the worst.

So, I am delighted to report that the Adidas Terrex Fast R Gore-Tex Shoe is a great blend of running shoe swiftness and hiking boot solidness. Obviously, Adidas has a long, storied history as a sports equipment manufacturer and have recently burst onto the outdoor scene with a full line of outdoor footwear and apparel. Their top of the line hiking/trail running shoe is the Terrex Fast R, a fleet yet stable shoe perfect for the trail runner and day hiker alike.

First off, the Terrex Fast R is sleek in appearance – heck, the word Fast is right there in the product name – and weigh in at a relatively scant 13.4 ounces. This may not appeal to the barefoot running crowd, but it suits most needs just fine. When you slip your foot into the shoe, you can immediately feel the athleticism you are about to unleash on the trail. The sole is stiffer than a traditional running shoe, made from or designed from something called TRAXION and Continental rubber. Not sure what TRAXION is, but I know it works. The stiffness keeps you rock solid on a rocky trail and the rubber grips rocks and dirt very well. Plus, the tread on these things is super BOSS, so much so that I almost feel bad for the trail when I’m hiking. But more than anything, the Terrex Fast R feels like a shoe you can run in, whether it is on the trail or in the concrete jungle. Adidas packed a lot of technology into the Terrex Fast R, including an odor resistant sock liner and Gore-Tex to keep your feet dry from the inside and out. As you can see from the field test video, this stuff works.

Adidas Fast R Review from Summit Publishing on Vimeo.

The only drawback I can detect with this shoe is the lacing system. This may be personal preference, but cinch up, drawstring style laces have never done it for me. Great for snowboard boots, lousy for hiking shoes.

That being said, this is a solid hiking shoe that can be utilized as a trail runner at any given moment, or bee attack, and should last for a good long while.; $180

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