Thule’s Technical Backpacks Raise the Figurative Bar

Thule has just released news of a new collection of technical backpacks, and as evidenced by other recent bag and hardgood introductions by the company, they’ve pulled out all the stops.

First in the new line for Spring ’15 is the Thule Guidepost Trekking — billed as a “deluxe gear hauler,” it is highly customizable with a lid that can be transformed into a 24L summit pack for a two-in-one solution. The Guidepost is the top-level option in the technical collection. The medium range Capstone Hiking Backpack is a little smaller but just as feature-laden as the Guidepost, and also customizable. Last but not least is the Sapling Elite Child Carrier. An adjustable cockpit, belt pockets, and the customization options of the other packs in the series make it easier to bring the little ones on hikes and treks.

The focus of Thule’s new technical packs seems to be the emphasis on customization. With gender specific design, two suspension systems, and the ability to adjust torso length on the fly, you can zero in on the perfect fit for your experience every time you hit the trails.

The new technology developed to accomplish this is pretty innovative:

TransHub Suspension System

An aluminum and steel wire spring frame distributes the weight of your pack evenly onto your hips and legs to preserve your back for longer hikes, and allows for 150mm of adjustment to the torso length of the pack to fit your body comfortably. This system features on the flagship Thule GuidePost series backpack.


MicroAdjust Suspension System

Just like the TransHub system the MicroAdjust evenly distributes your pack’s load to your hips and allows for a wide range of adjustments for your perfect fit. You can expect to see this system on the Capstone Hiking backpack.

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Gender Specific Design

Male packs are designed with a more generous cut around the neck line and the hips, and female packs feature shoulder straps designed for a slender neck and curved chest. Additionally, female hip belts have a gender specific contour for improved fit.


QuickFit Shoulder Yoke

This system allows you to adjust the width of the shoulder straps to fit your specific body. Thule has even provided a handy fit guide which will allow you to quickly find the optimal fit based on the circumference of your neck.


The minds behind these new technologies include Graham Jackson, the project manager for Thule’s Technical Backpack line and an avid outdoorsman from the Rocky Mountains; Anders Lundgren, Thule Group’s chief engineer; and the Thule Design Team made up of Henrick Kax, Sky and Trisha Wookey, and Damian Kelly.

Henrick Kax leads the Design Team responsible for the new Technical Backpacks. You might know Sky and Trisha Wookey from Wookey Backpacks. Founded in 1996 they’ve gone on to win several prestigious and highly acclaimed awards over the years. In 2012 their Mile High Mountaineering Salute 34 backpack was voted one of the “top 100 products of 2012” by Men’s Health Magazine. Damian Kelly brings experience from projects for Mountain Hardwear, Sitka Hunting, and Timbuk 2 to the Thule Design Team, with a focus on preserving everything you love about Thule in the face of all the innovation taking place, especially with their emphasis on packs and bags.

Thule Technical Backpacks come with a 25 year warranty and will be available from specialty retailers February, 2015.

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