HikingTrauma Tuesday: Bear Safety Tips Edition

Trauma Tuesday: Bear Safety Tips Edition

Poor, poor Julie Tremmel. She was just trying to inform the citizens of Cranston, Rhode Island how to avoid a back ally encounter with a feisty black bear. The enthusiasm is there, the editing is solid, and the lighting is used affectively. The execution is just a little bit off. Not sure where NBC 10 gets its bear experts, but they were probably horrified (if they even exist, which is a legitimate question) at the interpretation of their safety tips. The arm flailing and the shoe tossing alone would probably attract more bear attention than ward them off. I can imaging a black bear rolling up on Julie, Julie going into her routine, and the bear indeed backing off…but only for enough time to get the rest of his bear buddies to check out the human on meth who thinks she’s scary.

Let’s be straight here, these bear safety tips are best to be avoided.

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