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Leaders of the Pack


Budget Osprey Exos 34 2 lbs. 2 oz. 2050 cu. in.

Osprey Exos 34
Osprey Exos 34

For those who want to travel light, but don’t want to sacri-fice comfort, the Exos 34 is a wallet-friendly pack that offers top-of-the-line performance. Its suspension system keeps the load distributed evenly, and the pack moves air well to avoid sweaty back syndrome.

The “stow as you go” hiking pole clips and the convertible fanny pack in the top pouch are nice additions. We also liked the user-friendly com-pression straps, which allowed us to cinch the sides and top of the back into a compact unit.


Night Hike gomotion tRail RunneR litevest 1 lb. 3oz. (including battery weight)

Gomotion Trail Runner Litevest
Gomotion Trail Runner Litevest

Bothered by bugs flying in your eyes when wearing a headlamp? Annoyed by the blinding light just above your eyes that makes it hard to see? Frustrated by the bounciness and blurriness of the headlamp lights? GoMotion’s Trail LiteVest is the solution to safer, easier night adventures. The light attaches across the sternum strap—rather than across your forehead—illuminating the trail closer to the ground and eliminat-ing problems with the light source right above your eyes. The adjustable beam intensity performs well on singletrack, and the super-lightweight pack is perfect for carrying snacks and a small water bladder. For short ventures into the night, the LiteVest truly shines.


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