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August 2004


Best of the Blue Ridge

Six years ago when I moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains from Buffalo, New York, I never would have thought it was such an incredible place to live, train, and experience the outdoors. More often than not raves are about places like Boulder or other such destinations out West. What I discovered when I arrived here was a gem...

Re-Joyce in Kilmer Wilderness Solitude

Afraid of crowds at Joyce Kilmer Forest? Fear not. Most of Kilmer is remote, remarkable, and relatively unused.


Reader responses and letters to the editor

Conquering Fear of Open Water Swims

The open water swim—we’ve all been afraid of it at some point. You worry about what’s in the brown murky water. You’re spooked about completing the distance without a wall to hang on. You also imagine folks kicking or hitting you... Here are five helpful hints to help you face your fears and improve your open water swimming:


Zen delivers folkie jam rock from the West Virginia Mountains. The groove-based sound holds a reverence to the best of various acoustic Americana traditions while fusing in elements of modern electric psychedelia.