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Winds of Change on Coal River

The communities around Coal River Mountain in West Virginia will never look the same. The coal industry has made sure of that by ravaging the area with the destructive practice of mountaintop removal mining. Everyday residents of the Coal River Valley hear huge blasts of explosives that are being used to literally blow up entire mountains to ease the process of coal extraction. If the industry proceeds as planned, 10 square miles of mountains will be destroyed, local waterways will continue to be polluted, and more people could be displaced from their homes for the sake of greed.

Local Coal River residents are now pushing for the development of a 44-megawatt wind farm as an economically viable alternative to yet another planned mountaintop removal site. Supported say the wind farm would contribute over 200 short-term construction jobs and 40-50 long-term maintenance jobs, while also providing Raleigh County and West Virginia with decades of clean, sustainable energy.

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