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February 2018


Honest Truth: Jennifer Pharr Davis Shares Lessons from the Trail

Local hiking legend Jennifer Pharr Davis shares the emotionally hard lessons learned from the trail.

Save the Red Wolves: Move Them to Shenandoah and Cull the Coyotes

Red wolf habitat has been reduced to a tiny area that can only support a single pack of wolves.

The Fearsome Five: 15 Years of Horton’s Hellgate

Many runners race David Horton's Hellgate 100K once and never return. But sitting in that room at Camp Bethel are five runners who have shown up every year since 2003, in respect of but not unfazed by Horton or Hellgate. They are the Fearsome Five.

Gents: It’s Time to Listen

It’s time for men to stop ignoring sexism in outdoor sports and engage with women in a healthy way.

The February Issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors is Live!

The February issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors is live! Pick up your copy or read online today!