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How to Survive Bonnaroo

Watch Steve Martin perform at last year’s Bonnaroo, courtesy of Superfly Productions.

CONSIDER AN UPGRADE Tenting it is a classic Bonnaroo experience, but if you’ve got the funds, renting an RV for the weekend will take your festival to the next level. Here, multiple-Bonnaroo RVer Franco Donohue, gives you three reasons why the Recreational Vehicle is a superior Bonnaroo vessel.

1) Air conditioning is vital if you’re going to thrive for four days of non-stop festivities in the middle of Tennessee in June.

2) Community is nice, but having your own bathroom and shower is nicer.

3) Standing on the roof, libation in hand, gazing out at over 80,000 partygoers makes for a great Facebook picture. FOOD FIGHT Every year, I pack less food. At this point, I only pack snacks and plan on buying food at Centeroo and the vendors in Tent City. Yes, you’ll save a little money if you cook all your meals in your tent, but do you really want to trek back to your tent every time you get hungry? Plus, there’s a great variety of food vendors at Bonnaroo that offer festival food as well as more healthy options. —Jon Horn, multiple Bonnaroo attendee and founder of

Frozen bottles of water
When bags of ice melt, you get a cooler full of water that everyone has stuck their hands into. When your frozen bottles of water melt, you get water you can drink.

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