November 2014

Content from the November 2014 issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine

Peak Gear Awards: The gear that changed our time outdoors in 2014

By Aaron Bible | 05 Dec 14
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Our annual picks for the best gear out there.

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Letter from the Editor: The Homelessness Hero, November 2014

By Will Harlan | 21 Nov 14
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Homeless people are the ultimate endurance athletes and outdoor adventurists, I discovered. They hike for miles every day and camp out under the stars each night. They can start a campfire with a single match and a few twigs, and they can forage for food and wild edibles better than most mushroom-gathering hippies. They are thru-hikers without a Katahdin, trudging daily through rain and snow in search of their next meal or job interview.

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Top Outdoor Towns of the Blue Ridge for 2014

By Jess Daddio | 19 Nov 14
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Our readers and editors picked the best outdoor hubs in the south this year. Here are our findings.

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A Lesson in Gratitude and Why One Paddler is Thankful for Pain

By Jess Daddio | 18 Nov 14
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It’s because these are the things that matter, that give meaning to our lives. The river is where I find purpose. It’s one of the few places that allows me to experience that balance between incompetence and confidence.

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November Quick Hits: News from around the Blue Ridge and Beyond

By Jedd Ferris | 14 Nov 14
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Blue Ridge Outdoors brings readers exclusive coverage of the region’s most important news affecting outdoors lovers. From industry news, environmental issues, events and humorous stories you don’t want to miss, keep checking back to

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Local Gear: Based in the Blue Ridge

By Jenna Walton | 10 Nov 14
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Our top picks for the best gear from the Blue Ridge region.

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On Stands Now: The November 2014 Issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors

By Aaron Bible | 31 Oct 14
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Not only were we able to pin down some of the region’s top outdoor towns, but we also spent the last month conglomerating what our experts say are their top gear picks. The mission: find out what gear changed their lives this year, and feature it here for you to feast on – better than Thanksgiving dinner for many of our readers.

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