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October 2004


Here’s Johnnie: Q&A with World-Class Expedition Kayaker Johnnie Kern

Although he’s been portrayed as bigger than life, Johnnie Kern exudes a quiet confidence in his laid-back style and good nature. Unless you asked him, you’d never know he’s run some of the most dangerous rivers on planet Earth, and experienced life in a way that most of us are afraid of, let alone aspire to.

Michael Houser; Sandbox

Michael Houser’s lingering leads were the foundation of 20-year southern jam kings Widespread Panic. But things suddenly changed when the guitarist succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 2002.

The Everybody Fields; Plague of Dreams

This Johnson City, Tenn.,-trio brings an interesting dynamic to the growing world modern Appalachian folk, relying on the effective back-and-forth leadership roles of Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews, who seamlessly swap vocals, guitar, and bass.

Chattooga River

A kayaker rides "the bull"—the class-IV rapid Bull Sluice—on the Chattooga River. The 57-mile, free-flowing Chattooga River plunges south from the Nantahala Mountains.

Keller Williams

Quirky Virginia tunesmith Keller Williams never seems to satiate his musical quest, which is fortunate for his loyal following of fans that pack large theatres across the country to see what he’ll do next.