October 2004

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Keller Williams

Quirky Virginia tunesmith Keller Williams never seems to satiate his musical quest, which is fortunate for his loyal following of fans that pack large theatres across the country to see what he’ll do next. ...
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Wind Energy

The Facts • Coal-fired power plants are the region’s main source of air pollution. Skyrocketing asthma rates, acid deposition, mercury-poisoned fish and wa...
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The Next Big Thing

Predicting the future is a hard thing to do. Mark Twain refused to invest $5,000 in the telephone because he thought it wasn’t practical. In 1927, H.M. Warner of Warner Brothers Studios said talking movies were a fad. Decca Recording Company rejected the Beatles in 1962, saying “guitar music is on the way out.” For every Nostradamus, there’s a Lord Kelvin, the British scientist at the turn of the 20th century who said radio had no future, flying machines were impossible, and the X-ray was a hoax....