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The Everybody Fields; Plague of Dreams

This Johnson City, Tenn.,-trio brings an interesting dynamic to the growing world modern Appalachian folk, relying on the effective back-and-forth leadership roles of Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews, who seamlessly swap vocals, guitar, and bass. They both also have poignant pens that flow through deep ballads and vivid imagery from front porch reflection. Here’s proof that cool young 20-something’s can bring reverence to the mountain life, beyond emulating musical heroes. “Good to Be Home” will make you look appreciate the small stuff, be it your favorite tree or how much fun it is to “piss the night away down at the bar.” “By Your Side” is that back-of-your-mind love song cry out for something more. “Plague of Dreams” was recorded in one day in an old barn, which makes perfect sense, because there’s no need to over-polish this group’s dusty authenticity.

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