October 2008

Does Bigfoot exist?

As interesting as it may be for such creatures to exist, there simply is no way that a specimen as large as a Bigfoot could have gone undetected until now. The United States is too populated, too technologically advanced, and too developed for any creature, other than microbes, to have escaped detection until now. There are also way too many gun owners who would have killed one by now. Sure, I would like to believe as much as anyone. However, common sense overrules my child-like wonder in this case.

Morgantown, West Virginia

In the fall, being a Mountaineer in Morgantown usually means congregating at Milan Puskar Stadium to watch West Virginia University’s beloved football team battle it out with Big East rivals. But if your outdoor passions go beyond pigskin, this revitalized small city on the edge of the Monongahela River has plenty of options to whet your adventure whistle.