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October 2019: Mountain Getaways


Secrets of the World’s Greatest Runners

How did Arnulfo Quimare, a Tarahumara goat herder, beat the world’s most elite and highly trained runners? Secret number one: don’t train.

The Life and Death of Free Soloing

Has Alex Honnold’s Yosemite climb sparked more daredevils? North Carolina soloist Austin Howell fell to his death this summer while free-soloing in Linville Gorge. Sasha diGuilian and other climbers weigh in on the free solo debate.

Who Maintains Your Favorite Trail? Volunteers.

Understaffed, cash-strapped federal agencies National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service rely on hard-working volunteer trail crews to build and care for most of the trails in Southern Appalachia.

Mountain Getaway Guide

Sleep in a lighthouse, fire tower, or caboose this fall while surrounded by stunning autumn color. We highlight 14 unique lodging options for leaf-peeping adventurers.

Outdoor Heroes

Meet 7 inspiring outdoor enthusiasts who are helping to protect the places where we play.

Protect at All Karst

What we don’t know about the underground world beneath our feet

Return of the Giants

Scientists are Restoring Appalachia’s Most Important Tree: The Chestnut

See peak fall color and stunning views along the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. / Photo by Star City Skycams, courtesy of Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge


Editor’s Note

The Forest Service is proposing to cut the public out of public lands decisions. Don’t let them silence you.


The blurred gender line in sports: How do national and international athletics—or even high school coaches—determine who is qualified to compete as a male and a female? 

Quick Hits

The exercise pill: can a drug provide all of the benefits of exercise and the outdoors?You live in the salamander capital of the world • Rockets over Cumberland?

The Goods

Best in backpacking: a hiking guide picks her favorite gear.

Trail Mix

Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard releases a new solo record.

Last Word

A new generation of guides and outfitters are popping up in unexpected places, including the coalfields.

Live Outside and Play

Read about their last month on the road during their favorite time of the year!

On the Cover

Sunset over the Thorny Mountain Fire Tower in Seneca State Forest, W.Va.

Photo by Jesse Thornton

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