Adrienna ValentineWhile fine songwriters and guitar pickers abound in Appalachian music, it is Trent Wagler’s voice that distinguishes him from his peers. Possessed with a gospel-tinged soulfulness not often found in traditional string music, Wagler’s vocal dexterity allows him and Jay Lapp to cover tremendous territory on the duo’s latest release, Adrienna Valentine. While Wagler and Lapp shine on traditional tunes “Darlin’ Cory” and “Spike Driver,” Wagler’s voice radiates on his diverse original offerings: “Riverside” rings with a rumbling church choir chorus, Wagler’s mournful tenor eerily echoes the lonesome call of a midnight train on “Whistle Blows,” and love’s pining abides in the powerful subtlety of “Corinne.” With Adrienna Valentine, Wagler and Lapp establish themselves as the Shenandoah Valley’s newest, and brightest, songwriting force.