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Worlds First Vegan Strip Club Opens

Portland, known for its alternative counter culture and by some considered the most vegan friendly city in the United States, now has a new vegan offering, adult entertainment. Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s club opened Friday, February 1.

Casa Diablo is owned and operated by Johnny Diablo an ethical vegan for over 23 years. Casa Diablo is unique because it is the only venue of its type that serves food and drink 100% free of any animal products. Vegan and vegetarian dancers have flocked to Casa Diablo for auditions since hearing of the new club.

I can’t stand the smell of smoldering rotting carcasses when I walk by the kitchen,” said one dancer, when asked why she didn’t want to work at a meat-serving current club. “It is totally gross. I’ve been a vegan for three and a half years and I can’t stand the thought of working in a place that serves murder victims on a bun. Working at a club like Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s Club is my dream!”

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