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Review: Gerber Epic Knife

Well if the whole East Coast doesn’t wash away in the next few days, you may be getting outside to play. I know I have found myself on quite a few hikes, backpacking trips, and mountain bike adventures as of late. I am trying something a bit new recently though, I am carrying a blade. Not just any blade, but the impressive Gerber Epic knife.

I am an Eagle Scout, and proud of it mind you, and I remember carrying a multi-tool or knife everywhere I went. The essentials for me were wallet, watch, phone, knife. I don’t know when I stopped carrying a blade, but after the past few weeks with the Epic I don’t really know what I was thinking. Having a knife handy makes you the prepared one out of the group automatically. “Oh you want to sharpen the tip of your hiking stick, got it” “Oh you need to cut that rope, no problem” “Fighting off zombies, not an issue”

Some specs on this handy mid-sized blade. First the knife is quite attractive with subtle gray and titanium finishes, and measures in at 7.3” (blade is 3.45”). This means it doesn’t draw a whole lot of attention or looks like you decided to play Rambo for a day. Nifty features include the bottle opener at the end of the blade, always appreciated here at Blue Ridge Outdoors, as well as a durable plastic sheath. The sheath was not an afterthought for Gerber as it holds the knife tip up or down and has a pocket clip that works for the left or right side. Any way you want to carry it, it’s got you.

After putting this blade through some hard use, it is no worse for the wear. Sheath is still working perfect, the blade is still sharp, and the handle has no signs of wear. I really enjoyed having a fixed blade knife for a change, and never felt like it was bulky or inconvenient.

If you’re looking for a good simple blade the Epic is worth a good hard look.


See you out on the trail,


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