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Spring Styles From Keen

The Keen Jackson (left) and Keen Tunari CNX (right)

Men’s Keen Tunari CNX

This Keen hybrid multisport shoe  lives up to Keen’s desire to make a lightweight natural feeling shoe. The sole provides enough support and protection to not worry about rock or stick penetration when out on the trail or playing in the water. Many other similar shoes lack the added protection of the Tunari CNX’s  naturally flexing sole, and this is what makes this shoe truly a great multisport shoe. When I am out hiking in and out of the stream while trout fishing in the mountains, or dragging my sit on top kayak across a mud flat littered with oyster shells, I want to enjoy being where I am, and not worrying about where I am stepping. This shoe drains water well and provides great support around the foot, so your feet don’t fatigue even after wearing them all day. The added bonus to the Tunari CNX is it looks great! After your day of adventure, just rinse them off, change your clothes, and you are ready for a great evening of sharing the stories of your day, in your stylish shoes, you wore all day.

MSRP $110.00

Men’s Keen Jackson

This stylish Keen shoe will get the attention of all your friends. I have a job where I can wear casual shoes to work, and I am often wearing new shoes to work.  The Keen Jackson is the first new shoe I have ever worn that got everyone’s attention. Everyone commented on how great they look. It appeals to all people, no matter that their fashion sense. Those in the skate crowd saw it as a shoe to wear out or to go ride their long board. The hipster crowd just needed to know where to get a pair, and everyone else just commented on how they were simple, stylish and looked comfortable. On top of the style, they are comfortable, even when you are on your feet all day like I am.  The Jackson has a great memory foam insole and flexes well at the forefoot, making it comfortable to wear all day, and into the night on a casual night out. Everyone will notice you and your new stylish Keen Jackson shoes.

MSRP $90.00

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