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Winter Gear to Go Outside and Play In

Don’t let snow and low temperatures yuck your yum this winter. As we like to say at BRO, go outside and play in it.

Redster S9 Gen S

What do core trail runners and bike racers do to get their cardio fix in the snow? They hit the Nordic trails—because there’s no better full-body cardio workout than skate skiing. There are plenty of options out there for beginners, but if you are serious about competition, this is the ski for you. The secret is a wider tip and tail, which not only provide more stability, but also help you make longer strides, adding up to fast, efficient skating. $600;

Wild Belle 78 CA

Need one ski that can keep you happy when the Blue Ridge resorts get snow or you head up to Vermont? At 78mm underfoot, this agile ripper is the perfect choice for cruising groomers and navigating hard bump lines. It’s a ski that helps you stay stable and graceful on the slopes, ideal for intermediates and occasional skiers who want to keep upping their games. $600;

Symbioz Adjust

The problem with most snowshoes is you just feel like a big dork walking in them. Not so here: The Symbol Adjust is designed to give you natural foot movement while also delivering grippy performance in the snow. Credit a lot of that flexibility mixed with rigidity to carbon reinforcements in the snowshoe (similar to the tech used in skis and bikes). The end result? Instead of feeling bulky it’s light, natural, and athletic. $300;

Nevada Neo

The magnetic lens lock on these goggles makes it easy to swap lenses depending on weather conditions. That means you only need one goggle no matter where you ski or ride. We love the Phantom option, which will in fact change as light shifts on the mountain—much appreciated when you pop out of the trees onto a sunny groomer. $300;

Classic Winter High

Newly available in the U.S., these rugged insulated boots from the north of Sweden are the ticket for anything from shoveling a driveway to long winter hikes. A combination of polyurethane, which breathes far better than the rubber in similar boots, and a cozy fleece lining means they keep your toes toasty down to -40 degrees but won’t sweat you out in warmer temps. $169;

Labyrinth Loop

With a stylish cut that looks fine anywhere from the grocery store to the slopes, this puffy will keep you warm all winter long. Credit that comfiness to Columbia’s OmniHeat liner, which reflects heat back to your body. Better still, the insulation is a recycled synthetic down that compresses to carry easily, and then quickly pops back into shape. $180;

Spitfire Vario 3D Poles + Copper 3D Pro Gloves

Taken in tandem, this pole/glove combination makes use of Leki’s new 3D system—the mittens connect directly to the poles via a small loop between the thumb and forefinger. It provides more control than a standard strap and releases if you run into trouble. The pole itself builds on Leki’s freeride standby but adds the ability to adjust it between 110cm and 140cm, ideal for shifting from uphill to down. The cozy gloves, which feature generous Primaloft insulation, loop right into the poles, making for a system that’s warm, as well as efficient. $150 pole, $140 gloves; 

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