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Bard of the Blue Ridge

Born and raised in western North Carolina, Thomas Rain Crowe has written over 30 books, mostly about his native Appalachia. He spent three years growing his own food, chopping firewood, and living in a small cabin without water or electricity. He wrote about his Walden-like experience in his award-winning book, Zoro’s Field.

Thomas Rain Crowe’s writing has always focused on cherishing and protecting Appalachia’s wild places—including the tangled wilderness of the human heart. His newest collection of poems, Crack Light, celebrates the wild beauty of Appalachia and the deep-rooted strength of its people: “When I am at work in my garden, I take off my shoes. I let my other hands embrace dirt. I plant myself in this place.”

Rain Crowe’s poems are accompanied by Simone Lipscomb’s stunning photography in this mountain masterpiece.

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