Iron Heart

Pure heart: Boyle running the JFK 50-Miler.

—Surrounded by world-class athletes, on the toughest triathlon course, and there I was with no background, no real training, attempting this beast of a race. It was emotional and painful from the start. But it was a good kind of pain. With all of the surgeries and recoveries, I’d felt negative pain. But out there, my blood was pumping and my heart was pounding, in a good way. It was a sign that I was alive. When I crossed the finish, I wasn’t just back, but I was even stronger than I was before.

—Now endurance sports are an addiction. I’m living life to the fullest. To have the opportunity just to step up to the starting line is a blessing. Even if I don’t finish, I’m happy.

—Being a positive person helps. Every day was grim. But in rehab, I realized a lot of people were never going to get out of there. They were my inspiration. They still are. When I compete, it’s my way of thanking people who helped me along the way. It’s proof of what their support has done. I owe a lot of people for my recovery.

—People will be surprised at what they’re capable of. We definitely underestimate ourselves.

Iron Heart TV
– An NBC-produced documentary on Brian Boyle’s accident and Ironman triumph.

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