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Ice Climbing: The Best Kept Secret in the South

The best kept secret in the Shenandoah The Shenandoah ice crags are spoken about in hushed tones, with only the most trusted climbers charged with keeping...

Out Cold: Andrew Herrington’s Winter Survival Essentials

Cold and wet conditions are the biggest killers. Backcountry Rescuer Andrew Herrington can help you save yourself. When it comes to wilderness survival, don’t expect...

Ski Racing Essentials

Coach Chris Shepard’s favorite gear for Southern Appalachian slopes. Chris Shepard grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, but didn’t start skiing until...


The rising stars of Ski Racing in the Southeast The Southeast is known for its access to outdoor adventures, from hiking the Appalachian Trail and...

Will Climate Change Melt Southern Skiing?

How long will Southern snow last with temperature records soaring and glaciers melting all over the globe? Ski resorts are diversifying their offerings by building mountain bike parks and other outdoor adventure options.

Mixed Doubles

One thing I’ve learned from several years of skiing at Breckenwolf every Wednesday night with a bunch of middle aged dudes who may or may not be taking nips of whiskey between runs, is that it’s really hard to wrestle with skis on.