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The Man Behind RaysWeather.com

Self-taught in the art of meteorology, Ray Russell of RaysWeather.com first began reporting weather in the N.C. High Country after the blizzard of ’93.

Ride Today, Ski Tomorrow

The snow guns were blowing as we hit the slopes in record numbers for a post-work ski session under the lights.

13 Wild Winter Adventures

Winter is here, but that is no reason to pack that adventurous spirit in the attic with your shorts and Chacos.

Whiskey Wednesday Is Coming

It’s coming--Whiskey Wednesday, that beautiful night where me and a bunch of other dudes descend on the local hill for some mid week fellowship.

Unstoppable | Disabled adventurers beat all odds

Eric Thompson breathes adventure. The 35-year-old Tucker County, W.Va., native has lived, worked, and traveled around the world. Over a decade in Hawaii. Numerous ski...

Ski Patrol Essentials

Brent and Megan Easton share their go-to gear on the slopes.