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OESH Shoes: 3D Printing the Perfect Summer Sandal

Are you looking for a pair of sandals that will keep up with your active summer schedule? OESH Shoes, based in Charlottesville VA, has developed a line of awesome outdoor sandals, combining years of human movement research with cutting edge 3D printing technology.

For over five years, OESH Shoes has been offering healthy and eco-friendly footwear based on the published human movement research of OESH founder, Dr. Casey Kerrigan. All of OESH Shoes’ designs feature a completely flat and pleasantly springy sole that works in synch with your body’s natural movement and forces. With OESH’s recent development of a specialized 3D printing process, OESH Shoes now offers a sandal unlike any other.

Each pair of OESH sandal soles is 3D printed in Charlottesville, VA using a recyclable elastomeric material and 3D printers that are designed and made in-house. Each sole is 3D printed, containing hundreds of tiny springs and all of the slots needed to attach the straps, in one piece which allows the sandals to be free from any toxic adhesives or glues. After the sole is 3D printed, each pair of sandals is strapped just for you in the color of your choice.

OESH sandals come in two styles, Artemis and Athena. The Artemis has a toe loop to keep your sandals secure on your feet when you are crossing the rushing water of backcountry stream crossings or rushing across the farmers market to get the last pint of strawberries. The Athena straps go straight across, because sometimes you want to rock your awesome socks-with-sandals look and sometimes you just don’t want anything between your toes.

The light and sleek design of both the Artemis and the Athena Sandals, along with their absurdly comfortable sole, makes them great for a wide range of activities, from running errands around town to kayaking, canoeing, hiking, you name it! One OESHer even wore OESH sandals for over 3,000 miles of the AT!

Weighing in at an average of 1.15lb per pair, depending on the size and style, OESH Artemis and Athena Sandals are light on your feet and light in your pack, making them excellent for travel and camping.

Because OESH Shoes 3D prints their sandals on demand, they are also able to offer custom sandals in special cases including leg length discrepancy, significantly differently sized feet, and other circumstances that make fitting into stock sizes difficult.

OESH Shoes 3D printed sandals can be purchased online on

For more about OESH Shoes, follow them on facebook, instagram, and their Youtube channel.








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