Prestonsburg, Kentucky Is Your Summer Destination

Prestonsburg, Kentucky

With views this good, it’s easy to tell why Prestonsburg is known as the Star City. Within this small, creative Appalachian town are over 55 miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, river and lake waterways, and entertainment venues that will move you to your feet. 

Go Outside and Play

This is your next summer destination. Sugarcamp Mountain Trails features Kentucky’s top intermediate-advanced mountain biking with 30 miles of hand-carved trails. For less elevation, the paved Prestonsburg Passage is one of the country’s newest rail trail systems. Don’t miss the renowned school bus bridge at mile seven! The day isn’t over at sunset. Live music abounds at restaurants and the Mountain Arts Center. Prestonsburg is home to over 20 locally-owned tastebud-pleasing restaurants whether you crave fresh-ingredient burritos, a hot brown pizza, or mouthwatering burgers. There are a variety of lodging options including camping, short-term rentals, brand hotels, and the top state resort park.

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