Trail MixTrail Mix: A New Direction for Elizabeth Ziman

Trail Mix: A New Direction for Elizabeth Ziman

The Skinny

A trained pianist, Elizabeth Ziman – namesake of Elizabeth & The Catapult – needed to catch a spark after she split with Verve Records, the label for which she had released two albums. What did she do? Elizabeth decided it was time to learn guitar, and she went about it in a fashion unlike any other burgeoning guitar player I have ever met. Instead of locking herself away and banging out chords, Elizabeth grabbed her guitar and headed to the subways of New York City, busking for the Big Apple’s multitudes.

On the job training? Indeed. Way out on a limb? Absolutely. A breath of fresh air for this typically piano-centric songwriter? Oh, yes, and it paid dividends. For proof, check out Like It Never Happened, the title track from Elizabeth & The Catapult’s brand new record, which is featured on this month’s Trail Mix.

Such an approach to learning an instrument proves that adage that big risk begets big reward. I’ve got my guitar in hand. Now, if only I could find a subway.

For Fans Of

Ingrid Michaelson, Neko Case, A Fine Frenzy, Anais Mitchell

Outside Looking In

“The first time I saw Elizabeth Ziman and her band of merry men perform – at a tiny club on the Lower East Side of Manhattan – I was absolutely floored. Here was everything I love about music: slaying, virtuostic performance, hook-ridden, finely crafted and delicately-honed pop masterpieces, and a wide pile of smiles spilling off everyone in the room. I was immediately and utterly hooked.

A few years later, I find myself the luckiest guy in town; I am Elizabeth’s regular film-scoring partner on a long list of projects. Her contributions to our work are beautiful and seem to flow effortlessly, but what is most striking is the joy and love she brings to every phrase of music. Her enthusiasm never fails to elevate everyone and everything around her.”

Paul Brill, composer and producer, on Elizabeth Ziman

On Stage

You can catch Elizabeth & The Catapult live at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Virginia, on Saturday, January 25th. Check out www. for information on tickets and show time.

In Her Own Words

“Without sounding overtly sexual, I guess it’s somewhat of an alpha-female fantasy of mine that I’ve never really embodied in reality. I wrote the song immediately following a break up and I remember wishing that I was the kind of girl who could go out, have a good time with a man, and then totally forget about it the next day. Unfortunately, that’s never been the case, but when I say, “don’t take this night to heart,” I guess you could say I’m singing from my slutwave alter ego!”

Elizabeth Ziman, on the story behind “Like It Never Happened”

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For more information on Elizabeth & The Catapult, how to get your hands on Like It Never Happened, or when the band might be appearing on a stage near you, surf over to

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