Trail MixHome Town: Blair Crimmins Talks Atlanta

Home Town: Blair Crimmins Talks Atlanta

Blair Crimmins is unabashedly old school.  Really old school; 1920s Prohibition Era America old school. Crimmins, along with his band – The Hookers – are leading a Dixieland Jazz and ragtime revival. Creating a cacophony of sound with banjo, horns, keys, and – during select live performances – flapper dancers, Blair Crimmins & The Hookers take listeners on a time altering journey, back to an era of speakeasies and bootleggers.

Blair Crimmins & The Hookers are set to release their new record, Sing-a-longs, on September 10th.

Trail Mix recently caught up with Blair to chat about his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, long one of BRO’s favorite southern music towns. (Ed. – you can vote for Atlanta as the Southeast’s best music town in our 2013 Best Mountain Towns reader poll)

TM – Best post show hangout?

BC – I like to hit my neighborhood bar in Cabbagetown called 97 Estoria. It has a late night crowd and I can always get up to the bar for a drink. If the night is still young I usually go there. Since it’s in the neighborhood I can walk or stagger home safely. My other favorite after show hangout is my porch. I’ll have some friends over to party on the porch or I’ll just chill in my rocking chair and hang out with my dogs. I don’t always need an “after show party.” The party is on stage for me. After that I usually like to chill.

TM – Must see spot for a visiting out of towner?

BC – The Clermont Lounge is the Atlanta Hipster Board of Tourism’s first suggestion for out of towners. It’s definitely a one of a kind joint. It’s a dive bar, a strip club, and a dance club all in one. At the end of my video for “It’s All Over Now” you hear a reference to one of the famous dancing ladies of the Clermont Lounge named Blondie. She has a special talent for crushing beer cans between her tits. It’s a must see.

TM – Favorite local venue to see or play a show?

BC – Star Bar and The Earl are my favorite live venues in town. I’ve had lot of great times playing at those joints and I always go see local bands there. There are always good local and touring acts coming through those two venues.

TM – Favorite local outdoor adventure?

BC – You can always go to Stone Mountain for a big hike up the rock or float down the ‘Hooch on a hot day. Also, the Oakland Cemetery is a cool historic place to walk through. I go strolling through there with my dogs. Not sure if I’m supposed to, but I do. It’s a gorgeous place with lots of big oaks and really ornate headstones and mausoleums. Margaret Mitchell is buried there, as is Bobby Jones; there are lots of golf balls lying around Bobby’s headstone. They have events there, too. We played a great music festival this summer called Tunes From The Tombs.

TM – Favorite local record shop?

BC – We love Decatur CD. They have a beautiful store with a great selection of vinyl and CDs. No surly record store attitudes either. A good music loving staff. We’re playing an in-store performance there on September 10th for the release of our new album, Sing-a-longs.


Blair and his band of hookers have a whole slew of dates in September as they push the release of Sing-a-longs.  The band will be in Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina between now and the end of the month.  For more specific dates and venue information, be sure to surf over to

Be sure to check out “It’s All Over Now” on this month’s Trail Mix. And if you would like to get your hands on the band’s new record, take a shot at the trivia question below.  Shoot an email to [email protected].  A winner of a new – maybe even signed – copy of Sing-a-longs will be chosen from all correct answers received by noon on Thursday, September 7th.

Good luck!!

Question – Blair provided the musical score for what independent film in 2012?  Hint . . . . . check out the PRESS page on his website . . . . .


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