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Trail Mix – February 2019

I’ll never forget when I was first introduced to Ryan Bingham.

A good friend sent me a mix of Americana artists some ten years ago. On the playlist was Bingham, and “Dylan’s Hard Rain,” from his Roadhouse Sun release, swiftly reeled me in. After that, I was down the rabbit hole, digging deeper into the catalog, staying tuned to subsequent releases, regularly marveling at Bingham’s gravel throated poetry.

Imagine my elation when Trail Mix was able to pick up a track from Bingham’s new record, American Love Song, which drops later this month. It’s not often that the mix gets to feature an Oscar and Grammy winner who happens to be one of my own favorite artists. To say that I am stoked is an understatement. Please jump right in and enjoy “Wolves,” from the aforementioned American Love Song, which hits the streets on February 15th.

February also features the return of many long time Trail Mix friends. Check out new tunes from Dale Watson, Darlingside, The Vandoliers, Robert Ellis, Galactic, Seth Walker, Charlie Faye & The Fayettes, Marley’s Ghost, The Way Down Wanderers, and Eric Brace, Peter Cooper, & Thomas Jutz.

Included with these old friends are songs from Trail Mix newcomers, like long time Scorchers front man Jason Ringenberg, Reed Foehl, whose latest record features Band of Heathens, Liz Brasher, China, Brookhaven & Scatter Swept, Daniel Miller, and Abigail Lapell.

Lots of good stuff coming to the Trail Mix blog this month, too. Stay tuned for chats with Amy McCarley and Huib Schippers, of Smithsonian Folkways, along with show previews – and ticket giveaways!!! – for Mispo in Charlottesville and The Steel Woods in Johnson City, Tennessee.

That’s a lot to take in. I suggest digging in right now. Curl up with a mug of tea, or maybe a good bourbon, and keep the polar vortex at bay with some great tunes. Once the weather breaks, get out and grab a record or two from these artists, spread the word, or catch them live. Trail Mix exists each and every month because these incredible musicians allow us to share their music. Give back. They appreciate it.

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