Trail Mix – June 2019

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Jim Lauderdale is an unsung national hero.

Fans of country music that don’t know about this Grammy winning silver haired country crooner need to start paying attention. Lauderdale is a songwriter’s songwriter, the kind of guy that folks call when they want to collaborate on a country music gem.

When they call, Lauderdale doesn’t disappoint.

This month, Trail Mix is happy to feature “One Way” off of his new release – his 32nd!!! – From Another World.

This month includes a track from another powerhouse musical icon. I have been a fan of Chris Robinson since the earliest days of The Black Crowes. Since that band’s dissolution, I have followed his other projects, including the psychedelic groove rock he outs out with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Check out “Comin’ Round The Mountain” on this month’s mix.

Trail Mix is also happy to welcome back friends old and new to the June mix. Check out new tunes from Keller Williams, Heather Maloney, Dylan Leblanc, The Lark & The Loon, Jamestown Revival, and Chuck Mead.

There are also great tracks from Robin Alice, Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers, Frankie Lee, Kelly Hunt, Sour Bridges, Wild Wing, TK & The Holy Know Nothings, Ida Mae, Griffin House, Ciaran Lavery, and Biglemoi.

Be sure to stay tuned to the Trail Mix blog this month. Chats with Andy Thorn and the Resonant Rogues are on tap, as is a video premiere with The Steel Wheels.

And, of course, get out and buy some of this music. These songs are just a glimpse into the incredible work these artists are churning out. Grab a record. Grab a concert ticket. Spread the word.

  1. You've Got Something The Iveys 2:38
  2. Emmanuel TK & The Holy Know-Nothings 4:14
  3. Big Ivy Resonant Rogues 3:02
  4. Downtown Lights Frankie Lee 4:34
  5. Star Of St. Elmo Andy Thorn 4:05
  6. The Secrets of the Pyramids Jim Lauderdale 3:23
  7. Me N Mine Wild Wing 3:53
  8. Bird Song Kelly Hunt 5:01
  9. Wishing Well The Lark And The Loon 4:01
  10. You Don't Know Sour Bridges 3:29
  11. Honor Among Thieves Dylan LeBlanc 3:21
  12. Boom Boom Ida Mae 3:11
  13. Come'n Round The Mountain Chris Robinson Brotherhood 4:27
  14. Joyride Biglemoi 3:59
  15. Late Bloomer Robin Alice 4:31
  16. Mess I'm In Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers 4:11
  17. Mighty Good Friend Griffin House 3:18
  18. Selene Ciaran Lavery 4:40
  19. The Big One Keller Williams 4:26
  20. This Too Shall Pass Jamestown Revival 4:30
  21. Big Bear Chuck Mead 2:45


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