Trail Mix | March 2017

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Please, don’t be the kid that kills Colin Hay.

It might be hard to believe that I offered those very words to my oldest son, but it’s absolutely true. It was sage advive given to John Patrick, four years ago, when he was tasked with driving a golf cart carrying Colin Hay, singer of Australian rock icons Men At Work, from one stage to another during a music festival we were working.

Be careful. Get him there safely. You don’t want to be the kid who killed Colin Hay.

John Patrick drove well for a thirteen year old, Colin was delivered safely, and his second set went off without a hitch. Now, Hay is set to release Fierce Mercy, his thirteenth solo record.

I am thrilled to include “A Thousand Million Reasons” on this month’s edition of Trail Mix.

Another track that is particularly exciting this month is “Take Five” from banjo master Ned Luberecki. Dave Brubeck’s piano driven masterpiece of the same name has long been one of my favorite jazz tunes, and Luberecki’s rendition is stellar.

This month’s mix features the return of a couple of Trail Mix favorites, including banjo savant Danny Barnes, and Guy Clark, one of my favorite songwriters, who passed away last year. This month, Dualtone is releasing a compilation of Clark’s best recordings during his time with the label. Showcased on the mix is an intimate, previously unreleased demo of “Just To Watch Maria Dance.”

Dig deep into this month’s mix and check out brand new tunes from Toma, Cindy Lee Berryhill, The Kernal, Will Johnson, Fort Defiance, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Bill Scorzari, Curse Of Lono, Rose Cousins, Sunny Sweeney, Taarka, The Cairo Gang, and Natalie Cressman.

Lots of great stuff in store on the Trail Mix blog this month, too. Be looking for chats with Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Ha Ha Tonka, Ryan Montbleau, and a visit to the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Virginia.

And, of course, my monthly plea . . . . get out and buy some of this music. Go see these artists when they come through town. Visit your local record shop and grab a disc or two. These fabulous artists would appreciate it.

You can download this March edition of Trail Mix here.

  1. American Cinematography Cindy Lee Berryhill 3:23
  2. Radio Silence Natalie Cressman 4:03
  3. A Brand New Deal Bill Scorzari 3:12
  4. Bright Side Ryan Montbleau 3:25
  5. Pick Up The Pieces Curse Of Lono 3:08
  6. Just To Watch Maria Dance (Unreleased Writer Demo) Guy Clark 2:13
  7. A Thousand Million Reasons Colin Hay 3:39
  8. All With You Ha Ha Tonka 3:13
  9. Knock-Kneed Ballerina The Kernal 3:13
  10. What You Did To The Boy Aint Right Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band 3:13
  11. Chains Rose Cousins 3:15
  12. Predator Will Johnson 4:04
  13. Take Five Ned Luberecki 3:33
  14. What Can You Do? The Cairo Gang 3:48
  15. Athena Taarka 5:01
  16. Better Bad Idea Sunny Sweeney 3:16
  17. Count Me Out Toma 3:49
  18. Eight More Miles To Louisville Danny Barnes 2:39
  19. Fight for Love Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors 3:08
  20. Shadows Through A Canyon Fort Defiance 4:01


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