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I went into my first live experience with The Cave Singers cold and was smitten from the start.

I had never heard the band play the first song, but I was at a festival and they were on stage, so I checked it out. I was mesmerized from the get go and hung on every chord, every note, every raw, melodic moment.

For months after, No Witch, their 2011 release on the Jagjaguwar label, was on my regular rotation. The Seattle alt-rockers followed that with Naomi, also on Jagjaguwar, in 2013, and are now about to hit the road to support Banshee, their fifth long player, which they self-released.

Considering that The Cave Singers are about to spend much of the next couple months on the road, I figured I would dig in with Derek Fudesco and pepper him with questions about life on tour.

BRO – City you can’t wait to visit again?

DF – Tofino, British Columbia.

BRO – City that made you think, “Yeah, I could live here.”

DF – St. Augustine, Florida.

BRO – Favorite on stage libation?

DF – Fernet.

BRO – Stage you haven’t played but would love to?

DF – Red Rocks.

BRO – More exciting mile – the first mile after you leave for tour or that last mile before you get home?

DF – The first mile after you leave.

BRO – Must have item in the green room?

DF – Solitude.

BRO – One item you won’t leave home without?

DF – My phone.

BRO – Band you would like to hit the road with?

DF – Anonymous Choir.

BRO – Stage you have played that make you think, “Damn. I can’t believe we are playing here.”

DF – 2 Kolegas in Beijing.

BRO – Three items you would like to add to your rider, just to see if you could get them?

DF – I played a show in L.A. where the promoter rented a portable hot tub for the headliner. Three of those would be pretty good.

The Cave Singers are about to hit the road for the first half of April. The band will be stopping in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho before taking a break until mid-May. From there, The Cave Singers head toward more northern climes, with shows across the Midwest, Northeast, and Canada through the middle of June.

For more information on The Cave Singers, when the band will be on stage near you, or how you can get a copy of the new record, please check out the band’s website.

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